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Santo Domingo is the capital Repubblica Dominicana
A metropolitan area that overlooks the Caribbean Sea and has a population of 2,850,320 inhabitants.
It is the European settlement in the Americas more ancient date, and was the first Spanish colony in the New World.

2 Airports

The international airport “Las Américas” is the main airport of the country and the second in the Antille for number of passengers. It is situated about 20 km from the city center, and is easily accessible. The second one is the 'International Airport “La Isabela” completed recently and was designed to replace the old Herrera Airport.

2 Harbors

The Harbour “Multimodal Caucedo” the principal port of the Repubblica Dominicana and the entire Caribbean and Port of “Santo Domingo” located on the western side of the Ozama, which is vital for the economic development of the city since the early years of life.

The economy

The economy of Santo Domingo produces a GDP of $ 30 billion (39% of total country), and is mainly supported by the services and industry. The city's economic growth is very evident in the last decade in fact were built shopping malls, towers, highways, and other infrastructure are still under construction. Major multinational companies have established outlets across the city, such as Carrefour, La Sirena, Plaza Lama, PriceSmart, Americana Apartments, Jumbo-CCN, Ikea.

Santo Domingo
is the largest financial center in the country and one of the largest of the Antilles. In the city there are the offices of Banreservas, Citibank, Scotiabank, Banco Leon, Banco del Progreso, Banco Popular Dominican , Banco BHDi. The city has a stock exchange established in the late 90s.

Very important in the economy is the tourism industry.
Santo Domingo Domingo has also the highest number of universities (including campus) across the nation.
This makes Santo Domingo one of the greatest centers of learning in the Antilles.

The Apartments are located on floors of a building in the city center, a short walk from the historic center and embassies. Various sizes and types, two bedrooms, kitchen, two bathrooms and large balconies.
Also inside the building there is a 'common area with attached jacuzzi and barbecue.

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